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[The Africa news - Africa] - 24/07/2022
TRIPOLI -- The death toll from clashes between two rival armed groups in the Libyan capital Tripoli has increased to 16, and the injuries to 52, the Libyan Ministry of Health said on Saturday. All the wounded are receiving medical care inside public and private hospitals in Tripoli, the (...)
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In Libyan newspapers

Norland expresses aspiration of US Embassy and AFRICOM to support continued progress by Libya's leadership to re-unify the Libyan (...)
Norland, aspiration, US Embassy, AFRICOM, support, progress, Libya's leadership.
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] - 10/08/2022
Al-Lafi praises efforts of ICRC delegation in missing persons and detainees.
Al,Lafi ,praises efforts ,ICRC ,missing persons and detainees.
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] - 10/08/2022
al-Dabaiba visits National Center for Prosthetic Limbs in Misurata and the Libyan Heroes Association for (...)
al,Dabaiba, visits ,National Center for Prosthetic Limbs , Misurata , Libyan Heroes Association , (...)
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] - 7/08/2022
Kamal Elgargni wins second place in body building championship (Tampa Pro).
Kamal Elgargni, second place, body building, championship, (Tampa Pro).
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] - 7/08/2022
During audience with Libya's new Ambassador, Lamamra stresses importance of building strong democratic institutions to end conflict (...)
audience, Ambassador, Lamamra, building, institutions, conflict, Libya.
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] - 10/08/2022

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