Libya: Haftar’s forces desecrate and burn dead bodies of UN-backed GNA’s forces

[Libyan Express - Libya] - 10/06/2019
Photos published on social media in Libya have shown fighters from the forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar burning, desecrating, and taking selfies with dead bodies from the forces of the Libyan Army under the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA). One of the photos shows a (...)
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Al-Ghusri: ISIS sleeper cells seen in Garabulli, east of Tripoli
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Sources: Libya’s Haftar to meet US President Trump at the White House
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Bahr Essalam offshore gas field fix saves US$ 23 million
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Libya’s Presidency Council calls on US to pressure its Arab allies to stop intervening in Libya
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US officials deny any upcoming Trump-Haftar meeting or talks
High-profile US officials have denied any upcoming meeting for the President Donald Trump with Khalifa Haftar at (...)
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Libya’s NOC Chairman says has evidence parallel eastern NOC trying to sell oil illegally
The Chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanalla has stated that his office has gathered (...)
[Libyan Express] - 3/06/2019
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