160 illegal immigrants repatriated from Libya by IOM

[Libyan Express - Libya] - 14/04/2019
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High Council of State’s member urges Al-Sirraj to name countries supporting Haftar
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205 killed, 25.000 dispalced so far in Tripoli War
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UK drafts resolution at UN Security Council for immediate ceasefire in Tripoli
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Tripoli’s only functional airport resumes flights as Haftar’s spokesman vows more airstrikes tonight
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UN envoy to Libya condemns indiscriminate shelling on Tripoli residential areas
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UN delegate to Libya: Haftar seems to be running a coup not counterterrorism fighting in Tripoli
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International Community fails to stop Haftar’s assault, why?
LIBYAPROSPECT – Editorial Despite the attacks on Tripoli that launched by the army of General Khalifa Haftar, the (...)
[Libya Prospect] - 19/04/2019
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