Nearly 16,000 displaced as Tripoli fighting continues: UN report

[Libya Herald - Libya] - 14/04/2019
By Sami Zaptia. The main areas of fighting in and around Tripoli (Photo: OCHA). London, 14 April 2019: A report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) says that the past 24 hours saw another surge in civilians fleeing hostilities in and around Tripoli – 2,000 in the (...)
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Indiscriminate shelling, civilian casualties, attacks on ambulances, electricity cuts and stranded civilians as a result of Tripoli (...)
By Sami Zaptia. London, 12 April 2019: Protection concerns for civilians remain paramount with reports of (...)
[Libya Herald] - 12/04/2019
US demands Haftar stop his offensive on Tripoli
The United States is deeply concerned about fighting near Tripoli. “We have made clear that we oppose the military (...)
[Libyan Express] - 8/04/2019
UNSMIL postpones Ghadames National Conference until conditions are right
By Sami Zaptia. London, 9 April 2019: Ghassan Salame, head of UNSMIL, had announced today the postponement of the (...)
[Libya Herald] - 9/04/2019
UN delays Libyan National Conference amid war on Tripoli
UN envoy Ghassan Salame said Tuesday the National Conference in Ghadames will be delayed given the current war in (...)
[Libyan Express] - 9/04/2019
Saudi Arabia funded Haftar’s war on Tripoli, WSJ says
Days before Libya’s Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive on the country’s capital, Tripoli, Saudi Arabia offered tens (...)
[Libyan Express] - 13/04/2019
Hafter advance towards Tripoli repulsed as ‘Wadi Doum 2’ operation launched by Western Region Forces
By Sami Zaptia. Faiez Serraj photographed by fellow journalist Hamza Turkia at KM 27 checkpoint today (Photo: Hamza (...)
[Libya Herald] - 5/04/2019
Haftar’s air forces bombard themselves
LIBYAPROSPECT – Tripoli A military source in Tripoli told LIBYAPROSPECT, on Thursday, that the air force of the army (...)
[Libya Prospect] - 11/04/2019
Hit-and-run clashes in Yarmouk camp and Tripoli International Airport
Heavy clashes are taking place in two of the most violent frontlines in the fighting between the forces loyal to (...)
[Libyan Express] - 10/04/2019
Tripoli residents take to public squares saying no to Haftar’s war on their city
Thousands of people too to the Martyrs Square in downtown Tripoli on Friday afternoon denouncing and condemning (...)
[Libyan Express] - 13/04/2019
Haftar’s media forges to hide war crime in Tripoli
LIBYAPROSPECT – Tripoli The media of the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar had reproduced an (...)
[Libya Prospect] - 10/04/2019
Tripoli-based Libyan Army launches military operation to defeat Haftar’s forces
The spokesman for the Libyan Army of the Presidential Council’s government Mohammed Gununu has announced the launch (...)
[Libyan Express] - 7/04/2019
Haftar’s attack on Tripoli kills 56 including civilians
LIBYAPROSPECT – Tripoli The World Health Organization (WHO) said, on Thursday, that the war in Tripoli that led by (...)
[Libya Prospect] - 11/04/2019
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