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A security raid was conducted on the headquarters of expatriate workers in Misurata.
A security raid,conducted, headquarters,expatriate workers, Misurata.
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] 26/03/2023
Libyan Foreign Bank opens office in Misrata Free Zone
Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB) opened an office in Misrata Free Zone (MFZ) Wednesday, in the presence of the MFZ Chairman,...
[Libya Herald] 22/03/2023
The Minister of Communications and the Ambassador of Niger are discussing the practical steps for the implementation of the transit road...
The Minister of Communications , Ambassador of Niger , Discussing , Practical Steps , Implementation , Transit Road...
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] 22/03/2023
One of the largest Hyundai showrooms in the world opens in Misrata
Doroub Libya, the exclusive and authorized agent of Hyundai Motors in Libya, opened last Saturday in the city of Misrata...
[Libya Herald] 18/03/2023
At the opening of the ‘‘Made in Libya’’ event in Niamey, Niger, Aldabaiba looked forward to the new transit trade road
Tripoli-based Libyan Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba during the opening of the “Made in Libya” exhibition and...
[Libya Herald] 17/03/2023
Italian Embassy in Tripoli to use new Italian visa processing company operating advanced security checks
The Italian embassy in Tripoli announced Tuesday that it is to start using a new Italian visa processing company,...
[Libya Herald] 16/03/2023
Misrata Free Zone sponsors and participates in Egypt’s Maritime Transport and Logistics conference, MARLOG 12
Misrata Free Zone (MFZ) sponsored (platinum) and participated in the largest regional scientific gathering of local,...
[Libya Herald] 16/03/2023
Misurata Port Customs: Seizing 1,700,000 narcotic pills on board a ship coming from Europe.
Misrata Port Customs,Seizing 1,700,000 narcotic pills,ship,Europe.
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] 13/03/2023
China’s Wangkang establishes its first Libyan company in Misrata Free Zone
Misrata Free Zone (MFZ) announced yesterday that China’s Wangkang Holding Group announced the establishment of its...
[Libya Herald] 10/03/2023
2 charged in kidnapping of girl photographed nude in Misurata
Police in the city of Misurata arrested two people for kidnapping and forcing an immoral act on a twenty-year-old girl...
[Libyan Express] 10/03/2023
Misrata dates, honey, olive oil and food industries exhibition opened from 1 to 6 March
The Misrata ‘‘Ramadan Bounties’’ dates, honey, olive oil and food industries exhibition opened yesterday until 6...
[Libya Herald] 03/03/2023
Prime Minister opens Misrata Prosthetic Centre
Tripoli-based Libyan Prime Minister, Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba, accompanied by the head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled...
[Libya Herald] 26/02/2023
More than 70 local and foreign participants at the Libya Industries Exhibition – including Turkey, Greece, the United States and Algeria
More than 70 local and foreign companies participated in the Second Libya Industries Exhibition being held in Misrata...
[Libya Herald] 26/02/2023
MFZ reveals machinery and equipment received in 2021/22 and what it is expecting in 2023
Misrata Free Zone (MFZ) revealed the machinery and equipment it received in 2021/22 for marine operations and handling...
[Libya Herald] 25/02/2023

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