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Marine Wealth Minister inspects Tolmeitha port maintenance
The Minister of Marine Wealth, Adel Sultan, conducted an inspection tour of Tolmeitha (Ptolemais) port on Monday,...
[Libya Herald] 28/09/2022
HoR calls for convening of an official session in Benghazi on Tuesday
The House of Representatives (HoR) has called for the holding of an official session on Tuesday in Benghazi. The...
[Libya Herald] 25/09/2022
Bashagha says his government is going to operate out of Sirte and Benghazi
The Prime Minister-designate of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathi Bashagha, announced that his government will...
[Libyan Express] 22/09/2022
House of Representatives votes unanimously to appoint Aburezeza as head of Supreme Court
At its session held in Benghazi yesterday, parliament, the House of Representatives (HoR), agreed on nine issues the...
[Libya Herald] 16/09/2022
HoR calls for an official meeting tomorrow in Benghazi
Ageela Saleh, the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), has called for an official meeting of the HoR tomorrow....
[Libya Herald] 14/09/2022
Aqila Saleh invites members of the House of Representatives to an official session next Thursday in Benghazi.
Saleh , Invites , Members , House of Representatives , Official Session
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] 12/09/2022
‘Entrepreneurs of the Future’ training boot camp concluded last week in Benghazi
The Entrepreneurs of the Future training boot camp concluded last week in Benghazi conducted in cooperation with...
[Libya Herald] 11/09/2022
HoR members prevented from flying from Tripoli to today’s Benghazi session
The planned House of Representatives (HoR) session to be held in Benghazi today was cancelled after HoR members were...
[Libya Herald] 05/09/2022
Ageela Saleh: ban on travel of MPs from Tripoli to Benghazi represents a disruption of work of the House of Representatives and exercise of...
Ageela Saleh, ban, travel, MPs, Tripoli, Benghazi, disruption, House of Representatives.
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] 05/09/2022
House of Representatives to hold session in Benghazi.
House of Representatives , hold session , Benghazi.
[Libyan News Agency (LANA)] 05/09/2022
Italian Consul General Francesco Saverio De Luigi takes up his Benghazi post
The Italian embassy in Tripoli reported Thursday that its new Consul General in Benghazi, Francesco Saverio De Luigi,...
[Libya Herald] 03/09/2022
The HoR to hold official session on Monday to reappoint new head of the Supreme Court
The House of Representatives announced Thursday that it will be holding an official session on Monday in Benghazi. In...
[Libya Herald] 03/09/2022

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