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UNSMIL welcomes Zintan-Misurata reconciliation
The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) welcomes all reconciliation initiatives between communities in Libya, aiming at restoring safety and stability to the daily lives of Libyans. In...
[Libyan Express] 28/04/2018
French ambassador to Libya confirms stance with Libya.
Misrata, 26 April 2018 French ambassador to Libya reaffirmed her government stance with Libya in restoring peace and stability. The ambassador was briefed by Musrata municipal...
[Libyan News Agency] 26/04/2018
Zintan delegation arrives in Misurata for reconciliation
A delegation from Zintan city arrived this afternoon in Misurata city in order to carry out talks aimed at settling down the conflict between the cities that started in mid-2014. The delegation of...
[Libyan Express] 26/04/2018
President of Presidency Council discusses with mayor and members of Misrata Municipality issues of municipality and taurgha file.
Tripoli, 23 April 2018 President of Presidency Councildiscussed with mayor and members of Misrata Municipality issues of municipality and Taurgha file. The meeting covered the...
[Libyan News Agency] 23/04/2018
Armed group storms Misurata airport, flights suspended
Local sources from Misurata said the city’s airport has suspended flights and redirected them to Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli. According to the sources, the shutdown came after an armed...
[Libyan Express] 01/04/2018
Over 8500 hygiene kits distributed for women in Libya by UNHCR and UNFPA
UNHCR and UNFPA, with the support of German funding, are currently distributing 8,517 dignity and hygiene kits in 16 different locations in the Libyan areas of Tripoli, Misrata, Sabha, Nafusa...
[Libyan Express] 01/04/2018
Algeria welcomes Misurata-Zintan reconciliation agreement
Algeria on Saturday welcomed the reconciliation that just concluded between the two Libyan cities of Misrata and Zentan. The spokesman of the Foreign Ministry Abdelaziz Benali Cherif said that this...
[Libyan Express] 01/04/2018
Zintan-Misrata reconciliation talks call for civilian state, peaceful transfer of power, unified army under civilian control
By Sami Zaptia. London, 29 March 2018: A delegation representing the leadership of the city of Misrata arrived in the city of Zintan yesterday for reconciliation talks. The two sides were in...
[Libya Herald] 29/03/2018
Misrata delegation visits Al-Zintan for reconciliation – Photos
LIBYAPROSPECT – Al-Zintan A delegation from the city of Misrata arrived, on Wednesday, in the city of Al-Zintan for reconciliation talks. The slogan of the reconciliation forum is (The...
[Libya Prospect] 28/03/2018
Misurata delegation arrives in Zintan to sign reconciliation agreement
A delegation from Misurata arrived in Zintan city on Wednesday afternoon and was received in a ceremonial event by the elders of the city. The two cities’ elders and dignitaries sat down to review...
[Libyan Express] 28/03/2018
Zintan and Misurata cities could settle down four-year long feud
The municipal council, military council and the social tribes’ committee of Zintan city in Libya have expressed willingness to strike reconciliation with Misurata city. The councils and the...
[Libyan Express] 28/03/2018
Al Serraj Discuss With Mayor of Misrata Return of Tawergha Displaced.
Tripoli, 25 March 2018 The President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj on Saturday discussed with the Mayor of Misrata Mustafa Karwad and...
[Libyan News Agency] 25/03/2018

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