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Libya Food Expo will take place from 13-16 March at Tripoli Fairgrounds
By Sami Zaptia. Tripoli, 19 January 2022: The Libya Food Expo will take place from 13 to 16 (...)
[Libya Herald] 19/01/2022
Libya prepares for ‘‘Made in Libya 2’’ exhibition in Niamey, Niger – exports and transit trade to Africa (...)
By Sami Zaptia. Tripoli, 19 January 2022: Libya is preparing to hold the second edition of the (...)
[Libya Herald] 19/01/2022

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Over 4,000 Libyans receive COVID-19 vaccine booster shot
TRIPOLI, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Libyan National Center for Disease Control on Tuesday announced that a total of 4,166...
[The Africa news] 19/01/2022
Libya: Parliament speaker Aguila Saleh calls for new government
Libya’s parliamentary speaker called Monday for a new interim government to be established in the capital Tripoli,...
[The North Africa Journal] 18/01/2022
12,000 detainees held in Libya
Over 12,000 detainees are held officially in 27 prisons and detention facilities across Libya and thousands more are...
[Africanews] 18/01/2022
UN: Libya elections could be held in June
Libya is likely to conduct its general elections in June after missing the December deadline to elect its first...
[Africanews] 17/01/2022
Italy stresses importance of Libya's stability for Mediterranean region
TRIPOLI, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Buccino on Monday stressed the importance of...
[The Africa news] 17/01/2022
Diplomats of Libya, UAE vow to promote economic cooperation
TRIPOLI, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- Senior diplomats from Libya and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday vowed to boost...
[The Africa news] 17/01/2022
Libya condemns attacks on UAE fuel trucks, hijacking of UAE-flagged ship
TRIPOLI, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- Libya's Foreign Ministry on Monday condemned the Houthi rebels' attacks on facilities near...
[The Africa news] 17/01/2022
Egyptian president, Algerian FM agree to push for stability in Libya
CAIRO, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and visiting Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane...
[The Africa news] 17/01/2022
Libya calls for int'l cooperation against illegal migration
TRIPOLI, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush on Saturday called for international cooperation...
[The Africa news] 16/01/2022
Libyan Presidency Council stresses commitment to supporting elections
TRIPOLI, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Deputy President of the Presidency Council of Libya, Abdullah Allafi, on Saturday...
[The Africa news] 16/01/2022
UN refugee agency provides Libyan hospital, medical center with supplies
TRIPOLI, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Wednesday said it provided...
[The Africa news] 12/01/2022
Somalia, IOM facilitate return of 91 Somalis from Libya
MOGADISHU, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- Somalia and the United Nations migration agency, the International Organization for...
[The Africa news] 12/01/2022
Libya: Who’s who in Seif al-Islam Gaddafi’s networks of influence?
Libya’s presidential candidate Seif al-Islam Gaddafi has surrounded himself with well-connected men and women who...
[The Africa Report] 12/01/2022
Egypt's el-Sissi criticizes EU on refugees
The EU has tightened its border controls, turning away refugees passing through Belarus and paying countries such as...
[Africanews] 12/01/2022
Libya plans to maintain 100 damaged schools
TRIPOLI, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- Libya plans to maintain almost 100 schools damaged by armed conflict over the past several...
[The Africa news] 12/01/2022
UN distributes winter items to displaced families in Libya's Tawergha
TRIPOLI, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Tuesday said it started...
[The Africa news] 11/01/2022
Mustafa Sanalla, Libya’s undisputed oil boss, locked in a power struggle
Mustafa Sanalla, who has been the head of Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) since 2014, is a prized contact in...
[The Africa Report] 11/01/2022
Turkey stresses support for political resolution in Libya
TRIPOLI, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- Turkey's Ambassador to Libya Kenan Yilmaz on Monday stressed his country's support for a...
[The Africa news] 11/01/2022
Libya seeks to lift UN no-fly zone embargo
TRIPOLI, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- Libya's Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Omar Katti on Monday met with the head of the...
[The Africa news] 11/01/2022
Libya develops cooperation strategy with Europe
TRIPOLI, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- Libya had developed a strategy of cooperation with Europe in 2022, said Interior Minister...
[The Africa news] 11/01/2022
Kazakhstan, Libya supply cuts push oil higher
Crude price rally initiated by riots and maintenance operations continued on Monday Oil prices were up on Monday...
[The Africa news] 10/01/2022
UN envoy stresses important role of neighbors in Libyan dialogue
TRIPOLI, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- Stephanie Williams, the adviser to the United Nations secretary-general (SASG) for Libya, on...
[The Africa news] 09/01/2022
UN envoy welcomes meeting of Libyan military leaders
TRIPOLI, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- United Nations envoy Stephanie Williams on Saturday welcomed a meeting between military...
[The Africa news] 09/01/2022
Libya reports 592 new COVID-19 cases
TRIPOLI, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- Libya on Saturday registered 592 new COVID-19 cases, 11 deaths and 625 recoveries from the...
[The Africa news] 09/01/2022
Xinhua world news summary at 0530 GMT, Jan. 8
RAMALLAH -- Dozens of Palestinian protestors were injured on Friday during clashes with Israeli soldiers in West Bank,...
[The Africa news] 08/01/2022

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