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Managing Director of LAP Ahmed Kashadah passes away
By Sami Zaptia. London, 20 November 2017: The Managing Director of the Libyan African (...)
Libya Herald 20/11/2017
France to take in African migrants evacuated form Libya to Niger by UNHCR
France will be the first to welcome African refugees evacuated from Libya to NIger by the (...)
Libyan Express 20/11/2017
Mugabe steps down from his post as Zimbabwe’s President
Robert Mugabe agreed on Sunday to resign as Zimbabwe’s president hours after the ruling ZANU-PF (...)
Libyan Express 19/11/2017
Manchester United’s midfielder Pogpa prays for “slaves in Libya”
The midfield star wrote: “While very happy to be back, my prayers go to those suffering slavery in Libya. May Allah be by your side and may this (...)
Libyan Express 19/11/2017

UN flight from Tripoli with HoR members refused Tobruk landing
By Libya Herald reporters. Tunis, 19 November 2017: Ageela Saleh has lashed out at Tobruk airport officials who this morning refused landing (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017

South Korea provides UNDP with 1.5 million dollars to support Libyan institutions
The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Libya, Mr. Kim Young-Chae, and Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary General and Resident (...)
Libyan Express 19/11/2017
Libya, UNDP launch initiative to strengthen core governance institutions in Libya
A wide-ranging coalition of senior Libyan Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord (PC/GNA) representatives, UN policy experts and (...)
Libyan Express 19/11/2017
Botched Obari kidnap: one abductor dies, three innocents hurt
By Ajnadin Mustafa. Cairo, 19 November 2017: One of three criminals died today in a kidnapping that went seriously wrong in Obari. After they had (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017
Syrian army backed by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah takes back Albu Kamal from IS
The Syrian army and its allies took complete control over Albu Kamal, Islamic State’s last significant town in Syria, a military news service run (...)
Libyan Express 19/11/2017
Libya gains membership of International Youth Federation
By Libya Herald reporter. Tunis, 19 November 2017: Libya had become a full member of the International Youth Federation. In a statement, the (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017
Maetig takes charge of inquiry into auctions as international fury grows over slave trading in (...)
By Libya Herald reporter. Tunis. 19 November 2017: Deputy Presidency Council (PC) leader Ahmed Maetig has announced that he is taking control of (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017
Hafter wants police and other absent security officials to report back
By Ajnadin Mustafa. Cairo, 19 November 2017: A general call for a range of absent security officials to return to their positions has been made (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017
Hundreds demonstrate in Paris against slavery in Libya
By Michel Cousins. Paris, 19 November 2017: Several hundred angry protestors demonstrated outside the Libyan embassy in Paris yesterday afternoon (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017
Tobruk airport prevents UN plane from landing
LIBYAPROSPECT – Tobruk The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Iman Saif Al-Nasr, confirmed, on Saturday, that a UN plane was prevented (...)
Libya Prospect 19/11/2017
US deputy secretary of state reaffirms support for Presidency Council in Tunis talks with (...)
By Hadi Fornaji. Tunis, 19 November 2017: The United States’ full support for the Presidency Council (PC) and its government of national accord as (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017
EU: December 15 is deadline for Tobruk parliament to amend Libya’s political agreement
The European Union (EU) and some other major European countries have set mid-December as a deadline for the Libyan eastern-based parliament to (...)
Libyan Express 19/11/2017
Hundreds flock to Libyan embassy in Paris condemning “slave market” as reported by CNN
Hundreds of activists flocked to the Libyan Embassy in Paris on Saturday, outraged with the government’s failure to tackle people smuggling after (...)
Libyan Express 19/11/2017
Brother of Qaddafi-era Benghazi chief found murdered near Soloug
By Libya Herald reporters. Benghazi. 19 November 2017: The body of a family member the former Qaddafi-era Benghazi governor has been found near (...)
Libya Herald 19/11/2017
Was Al-Mesmary involved in the terror attack in Egypt?
LIBYAPROSPECT – Editorial A source from the family of Abdul-Raheem Al-Mesmary who was appeared on Egyptian TV channels, a few days ago, said that (...)
Libya Prospect 18/11/2017
Al-Sarraj meets Sullivan in Tunis
LIBYAPROSPECT – Tunis The head of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj, met in Tunis, on Saturday, (...)
Libya Prospect 18/11/2017

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